If Architecture is a performance, CAESAR ARCHIDANC is artinspired architecture.


About Us

We are reliable professionals with many years of experience. We value our clientele , listen to our customers and work with them to address their individual needs through innovative solutions.


We CREATE  form and function into architecture. Previously constrained, now embraces dynamism and rhythm, the chaotic and random. We CAPTURE  the imagination and to gain control of the movement and  gracefulness. We CONNECT   as an accompanying, associated feature, with basic material, space and the body.


CAESAR CHONG- Registered Architect Creator of Caesar Archidanc, Caesar is an accomplished architect who has widespread experience in commercial, retail and residential projects around Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The effect is effortless and you will only require todo nothing but more than inhabit a building to benefit from it.


contact: 0408011868

email: ca38ar@gmail.com